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What Yes For Chess Brings to Your School

At Yes For Chess, we take a unique approach to teaching chess to children. Rather than forcing students to memorize lengthy combination patterns and judging success entirely on winning, we concentrate on the end result of playing chess, which is developing critical-thinking, creative problem-solving, concentration and patience. We believe that chess should be used as a tool to teach students skills they will use throughout their academic careers. We are certain that a child's improvement in the classroom and progress on a chessboard are interconnected.

We also aim to break the misconception that chess is a solitary game. With interactive lessons, classes that average over 20 students each, and weekend tournaments, we enable students to develop socially throughout the year. Students earn awards (trophies, medals, chess sets) entirely on participation, allowing students of all ages and skill levels to thrive in our program.

And with homework assignments that feel more like a scavenger hunt (find a book on chess at the library, ask your teacher if they know how to play chess, etc.), students soon discover a chess network within their school and beyond our weekly class. Our approach is a refreshing alternative to the sometimes overly competitive world of scholastic chess, and we are confident that Yes For Chess would be a fantastic addition to your school's enrichment program.